5 Holy Wow Money™ Teachings in Air: A Story of Greatness | #18

The story of Nike signing on Michael Jordan has so many Holy Wow Money™ moments! Serena has identified her top five truth bombs present in this amazing film. LISTEN IN for the deets on this HOLY WOW magic.

Holy Wow Money™ Truth Bomb #1: It happens fast (or, it can happen fast). 

Nike had no idea what was about to happen. In the first year of Air Jordans being on the market, they 54X’d the revenue of their previous best selling shoe. 

Holy Wow Money™ Truth Bomb #2: Your disadvantage is your advantage. 

Nike leaned into the controversy of having non-regulation basketball shoes and leveraged this “disadvantage” into a mega powerful marketing message about standing out. 

Holy Wow Money™ Truth Bomb #3: Hold the request.

It’s SO easy to panic in the face of the void when you’ve made a request that isn’t immediately a yes. This movie has MULTIPLE examples of how to hold requests in the face of being told “it can’t be done.” 

Holy Wow Money™ Truth Bomb #4: Self concept is a door opener.

How can KNOWING your identity all the way to your core be a game changer in your industry? Watch the film with this in mind and see the doors you can open.

Holy Wow Money™ Truth Bomb #5: Holy Wow Money™ is a win-win-win.

Holy Wow Money™ is a TRIPLE win: a win for YOU, a win for THEM, a win for EVERYONE. More creates more, and being an industry changer meant opening the door for all athletes following in MJ’s footsteps. 

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