84 Intentional Thoughts (AKA Spells) for Holy Wow Money™ | #31

We think between 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, most of which are unconscious. You could be repeating and repeating and repeating unhelpful, even actively detrimental thoughts to your own mind – if you aren’t actively installing supportive, helpful, magical ones about what an awesome badass you truly are.

This episode is a FUN ONE! Serena is reading you ALL of her 84 not so secret spells (aka intentional thoughts) that are found in the Holy Wow Money™ Oracle Deck.

After a quick shuffle, you’ll have a chance to practice thoughts including the following! Note: This list doesn’t have them all… listen in and get your copy of the deck to fully immerse yourself in this magic:

  • Perfectionism doesn’t pay well. Presence does.
  • My fee is not expensive. It is expansive.
  • My next clients are ready and resourced to say yes today.
  • It is now safe to trust yourself, your process, and your timing completely now.
  • You don’t see the world as it is. You see it as YOU are. It is only always a reflection of who you have been being.
  • I love the whole universe and it loves me back.
  • I now choose to be in a loving, accepting relationship with my whole self. All of me is welcome here. All of me is valued.
  • Circumstances have changed, and so have I.
  • I am an example of what is possible. Everything is possible.
  • People want what I have to offer.
  • It is now safe for me to be seen, supported, and loved on a whole new level.
  • My exact work is the answer to someone’s prayer today. My work changes lives.
  • Speaking my truth sets other people free.
  • People love to pay for their transformation.
  • You don’t have to know the divine plan to be on it. PS. You are already on it.
  • I love money and money loves me back.
  • I am an excellent steward of money.
  • I am an instrument for increase in others. (Hat tip to Prince for this one!)
  • I am loved beyond measure. I am capable beyond measure. I am resourced beyond measure.
  • I am worthy of the highest levels of support.
  • My half-assed is 100% brilliant.
  • Debt allows people to create wealth.
  • I now choose to claim my full power and authority in this world.
  • The more I open up to life, the more life opens up to me. The more I open up to love, the more love opens up to me. The more I open up to money, the more money opens up to me. The more I open up to my clients, the more clients open up to me.
  • Debt is an amazing teacher and tool for transformation.
  • My certainty creates their certainty. I am in charge of creating my certainty. In detachment, I am free.
  • I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.
  • Money flows to me and works through me, in ever increasing amounts, easily and always now.
  • There is always a third option.
  • Making money is a powerful form of activism.
  • Debt is always neutral. It’s our thoughts about it that make it interesting.
  • I am more committed to my work in this world than my fears.
  • Gems fall out of my mouth exactly always.
  • My misfit medicine is exactly the medicine the world needs right now.

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