Jan.2018, Austin, TX. Photo by the delightful Shelly Borga of Dakota & Co. (www.dakotaandco.com)

Jan.2018, Austin, TX. Photo by the delightful Shelly Borga of Dakota & Co. (www.dakotaandco.com)

I’m about two things…

  1. I’m about results. I’m all about being effective… not just productive. As a native Texan and decade long NYC resident, I’m not into excuses. I play to win. I prefer dramatic authentic results.

And also…

2. I’m about having FUN while I’m at it. Life isn’t short… it is long! So if the journey isn’t generally enjoyable… why bother? And also, why not? TURNS OUT, we’re most magnetic when we’re truly trusting and open and… HAVING FUN with our lives. Funk “grinding” and exhausting hustle as “proof” of your worth. Flip the script. Walk the talk. Do the damn thing. (Which are many ways of saying, we’re going to have fun and you’re going to level up your self-worth AND net worth as a result of our FUN work together dammit.)

Hungry for some background info that illuminates how and why I know my shit when it comes to social media marketing mastery and coaching? Here you go…

TOPLINE: I have a PR degree from UT, over a decade of producing irresistible television and events for some RAD companies (see below) and have over decade of experience weaving brands into digital content, social media and/or television shows. This social media storyselling world isn’t new to me. It’s a playground that I’ve been well trained to play in.

DETAILS for those who devour such thing (I’m in this category!): My professional career began at MTV News where I spent my first year working on the 2000 Choose or Lose presidential election coverage with Rock The Vote. From there I went on to produce some of the MTV True Life documentary series episodes, Sex2k, Diary and then, after some soul searching (and an infamous episode with Tucker Max) I swore I was done with television production (spoiler alert!… I wasn’t…) and I moved to the MTV Networks Special Events team where I planned everything from Dave Chappelle’s 2nd Season launch party to the Spike TV launch party in the backyard of the Playboy Mansion in LA. I eventually returned to basic television production where I was the Brand Integration Producer for Stacy London’s TLC show and finally for The Tyra Banks Show. I earned a daytime Emmy award for the Tyra show. In between these television projects I planned private events for clients including Martha Stewart, Housing Works, a plethora of friends, retired NBA players (fundraisers) and more.

In 2011, ready to return home to Texas, I came back to Austin and continued freelancing. I eventually landed at the local newspaper aka Austin360 where I produced sponsored content videos, sponsored content campaigns with local Instagram Influencers, and other “out of the box” ideas for local and National client campaigns including Bud Light, TicketCity and Sleep Experts.

My degree is in Public Relations from The University of Texas at Austin. I also took summer semester courses at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1999, which I share as proof that I’ve always been about getting shit done and having fun while I’m at it (I completed my science and english lit requirements while there thankyouverymuch).

It is my absolute pleasure to bring the best practices that I learned during my years working for leading companies like the MTV Networks, Broadway Video (Lorne Michael’s production co.), and even the NHL (go Rangers!) along with my relationships with the best videographers, editors, photographers and Instagram Influencers to clients who have HEARTS ON FIRE TO CHANGE THE WORLD with their goods and/or services. If that tiny but mighty voice inside of you is screaming (or whispering), YUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, then book your Clarity Call with me HERE.