BOOM. How to Burn it Down and Build it BETTER


Where you’ll begin your 90 Days of Boom by starting with..


This is the place where you recognize that your current Money Mindset isn’t going to get you where you’re going. What got you here won’t get you there. And you didn’t come this far to only get this far.


This is the place where you begin to expand what you currently believe is possible (or inevitable) for you and establish your proper pricing.™

Step into your new identity as a money magnet

This is the place where you decide to change; to excavate the blocks that are between you and your Money Magnet Era.

The training modules are concise and provide clear and simple directions.
You can’t do it wrong. You won’t be wasting time on busywork or ineffective work.

We get straight to the source: You.

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“Before the Boom Room, I sold $17,000 in coaching. In the year I joined, I sold $57,000 in coaching. Combining my book and coaching revenues, I went from $56,000 before to $105,000 after. One important lesson I learned was the neutrality of debt and learning to receive without shame. Establishing proper pricing and stepping into the identity of a money maker were transformative. I’m working on letting go of the identity tied to financial struggles. For someone considering the Boom Room, the very reason you’re hesitating is the reason you need to join. It’s a game-changer, and there’s nothing to lose.”

Sam Adams

“Before joining the Boom Room, my business income had plateaued at approximately $100,000 to $140,000 annually for three years. However, within the first six months of joining, I managed to double my revenue. The key to my success was my ability to take action with greater ease. I no longer felt the tremendous energy drain that had previously hampered my tasks. I learned the concept of sufficiency in money, as well as the powerful impact of journaling on my money mindset. Stepping into my identity as a money maker has allowed me to make money more effortlessly and with unwavering confidence. For those considering joining the Boom Room, I encourage them to examine their desire to make more money and understand the reasons holding them back from achieving their financial goals.”

Sade Curry

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“Before the Boom Room, I was uncertain and struggling with overheads. Now, I am confident and have rewired my money mindset. I have plenty of audience, time, and energy. I use the PAJ tool daily, and it saved me from panic and strengthened my money mindset. I’m making my investment back threefold in 11 days and selling high five-figure group programs. I even got a $33,333.3 offer accepted. The Boom Room’s tools have transformed my life. For anyone thinking of joining the Boom Room, go for it. It’s the trifecta of live coaching, community, and content. It delivers on its promises, and you will be amazed at your progress.”

Sarah Stokes

after joining to boom boom room, I felt like I had more permission

Dr. Yashika Dooley

Boom Boom Room Client

Did you know..

90 days of boom starts january 11th inside the boom boom room