Fab Five: Q2 Progress Report | #15

First up, if you haven’t listened to Episode 13, the first episode featuring the Fab Five, go listen to that HERE. We’ll be here when you’re done!

What’s so amazing and luscious about these Fab Five updates is that they’re happening in real time. It’s so easy to go through a mastermind and talk about the shiny, polished end result upon reflection – but we’re showing you what’s happening in the messy middle.

Listen in for amazing truth bombs like:

  • How to hold space for a request instead of rushing a relationship
  • How getting a horse’s attention is like trusting that your audience is listening
  • The transformative magic of saying YES and following through
  • Entrepreneurs have moments where they CANNOT SEE what will happen next – and how to get through those moments
  • The fact that you’ll keep feeling like “Oh no, have I made enough money?” well on your way to the half mil mark

What are our Fab Five masterminders most proud of in this process, and most looking forward to next?

Don’t you ever forget: This is possible for YOU. TOO.

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K Brooks – Life Coach for men with BIG visions – especially important as we disrupt the patriarchy, which harms men too! (Don’t miss K’s interview on the podcast – episode four!) KathBrooks.com // @KathBrooks on Instagram.

Amanda Suga – Life and Mindset coach for ambitious, driven, busy female entrepreneurs who want to do less and create more in their lives and businesses. TheIlluminary.co // @TheIlluminary.co on Instagram.

Elisa Owen – Business Coach for all influential creatures ready to love and pour into themselves so that they can give more back and grow thriving businesses. @ElisaOwenCoaching on Instagram.

Wendy Sloneker – Grief Coach who helps folks heal their hearts from loss and reclaim a sense of aliveness. WendySloneker.com // @Wendy.Sloneker on Instagram.

Ashley DelBello – Life and Career Coach for women who want to truly own who they are, do some major fucking good in this world, and live life on their terms, whether they’re killing it in corporate or entrepreneurs ready to go all in. AshleyDelBello.com // @CoachAshleyDelBello on Instagram.

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