Flying Business Class is NOT About the Money | #20

Serena is back from a life changing trip to South Africa with Martha Beck and is bringing ELEPHANT MAGIC and more to this week’s series on the show.

A BoomMage recently asked Serena about flying business class… When is it time to invest at this level in travel? What will people think? Ahhhh!

If you’ve had this question before, you are NOT alone. Tune in to hear about energetically attuning to support at the absolute highest level to protect the asset that is YOU so that you are fully nourished and can then provide the highest support to your clients too. It’s all energetic and possible for YOU. TOO. BOO.

Major takeaways from this episode:

  • Flying business class even though you’re terrified of people judging you for it
  • Protecting the ASSET – you, your biz, your investments
  • The energetic vibration of a fast food burger
  • Your success is your clients’ success – what you are attuned to is what is possible for them too!
  • It’s not about spending money, it’s about being supported at the highest level

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