Forgiveness in Your Money Making, Having, and Stewarding | #6

Ever been “burned” before, by a client, a coach, a colleague? It is INEVITABLE that we are disappointed by relationships and programs/relationships/products that we have BOUGHT. Holding onto the resentment and disappointment is going to keep you stuck.

Forgiveness (aka NEUTRALITY aka energetic FREEDOM) is not OPTIONAL as it pertains to you growing your business. You can’t grow and EXPAND while you’re stuck in the past energy of resentment.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Serena’s intentional thought to reinforce forgiveness and neutrality
  • The difference between toxic positivity and moving past resentment intentionally
  • How to recognize when you are energetically anchored to what you DON’T want to do (and why this prevents you from moving forward)
  • How to run your business in leadership that is LOVE led, not fear led

PS. You need to forgive yourself too, boo. Financial mistakes are inevitable as you grow your business. You will make wrong choices. You will make mistakes. And to keep moving forward, you have to release the shame and forgive yourself. You FREE yourself to continue to learn and grow and go forward.

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