How to GIVE Generously to Your Clients | #32

Holy Wow Money™ isn’t an amount, or a destination, or a finish line – it’s a mindset of abundance and trust with money. And when you GIVE from this place of abundance, it’s SO different than giving with the expectation of receiving in return.

True giving, whether it’s time, affection, attention, praise, items, money, or literally ANYTHING comes from a place of unconditional love and abundance. Full stop.

When you give from a place of “Okay, I’ll do this for you… so you do something for me,” that’s NOT going to open up this unconditional love and trust.

This shows up not only on birthdays and Christmas, but also in your marketing as an entrepreneur.

Let’s break it down.

  • G = GIVE. Give freely, generously, with no strings attached. Giving is a JOYFUL experience.
  • I = INVITE. Invite your right fit people. Think of your offer (free or paid!) as a party. Who are you inviting? What energy are you inviting from? Invite as a COURTESY to your clients to let them know where the party is.
  • V = VIBE. Speak your truth, you powerful being! When you are truth TELLING, you are SELLING. Giving generously in your content, free offers, and paid offers means more and more and more opportunities to show up as your truest true self and call in your best clients.
  • E = EXPERT ENERGY. In order to properly give, build trust with your people by claiming and embodying your expertise. You know what you’re talking about. ACT LIKE IT.

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