How to Stop Being Terrified of Debt | #8

Debt is NEUTRAL. It’s our thoughts about it that make it interesting.

When you’re so busy being afraid of debt, you aren’t USING debt to build wealth. For so many of us (especially those systemically shamed by the systems of oppression), the focus on getting out of debt, getting out of debt, getting out of debt at all costs is a huge DISTRACTION from the fact that we could be learning to CREATE money and wealth.

Debt is just renting money.

Shoutout to Boom Boom Room member Ines who realized that she’d never feel like she didn’t belong in a HOME she used debt to buy. So that same mindset could apply to using debt to buy something for her BUSINESS. (PS: Join us at

When you access this mindset shift, HUGE opportunities open up. HUGE!

Highlights of this episode:

  • Money and debt are NOT components of your inherent human worth. Full stop, the end.
  • How to transform your relationship with debt (journaling exercises!)
  • Serena’s experience with six figure debt
  • The 10x rule – Serena’s take on the “debt to income ratio”

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