Investing in Biz vs. Investing in SELF | #25

Have you ever been curious about what Serena spends her money on? Are you looking for permission to treat yourself to something nice, just for you? Do you DESERVE it? Or are you the type who will invest easily in your biz but withholds the five dollar coffee from yourself because it’s frivolous?

Buckle up, babes. Listen in to hear how Serena invests both in her desired BUSINESS needs and for her SELF. This is more than a handbag, more than a vacation, more than a mani-pedi.

Bombshell Mic Drop Moments:

  • Investing in your mind and heart is the priority because that’s what attracts and stewards Holy Wow Money™
  • It’s possible to OVERSPEND when you start making money, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend at all on yourself
  • See also: Sometimes the spirit will move you to buy something that “doesn’t make sense” – the key to balancing is to trust your body’s wisdom
  • Treating your biz like a baby – your purchases, investments, and decisions are a way that you PROTECT the growth and thriving of your business
  • We have been socialized and taught to take care of everyone else and find tiny scraps for our own selves, businesses, needs
  • You MUST invest in your SELF outside of your business to grow a Holy Wow Money™ mindset and business that nourishes and nurtures you (PS you are the asset!)
  • Donations and supporting your community and values is part of your Holy Wow Money™ mindset – remember that money flows TO you and works THROUGH you, easily and always now

Serena’s Media Mentions: 

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero (she has a whole series of Badass books to explore!)

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