Realize your peace, power and prosperity like never before

in this small 9 month mastermind

Sanctuary Business Mastermind

This is a business mastermind for you who are unapologetically soulful. Because your business can only be as prosperous, powerful and peaceful as you are. Your business can only grow and glow to the extent that you do.

Enrollment for the January 2024 Class is SOLD OUT. Because your business can only be as prosperous, powerful and peaceful as you are. Your business can only grow and glow to the extent that you do.

Some people think that business and spirituality
are two very separate things.

Not you. You already know that your money making business IS a part of your spiritual journey.

You already know that your work is a sacred offering to the human collective, an opportunity for your personal evolution and an invitation to accept.

Just one teensy tiny (huge) problemo…

Growing your brand into the next level can feel lonely

When you are blazing a trail with your work it’s easy to look around and notice that few (if anyone at all) are like you.

This will freak out a healthy human brain

And a healthy human nervous system because they’re both designed to keep you safe from pain that’s real, imagined (feared) or otherwise possible. They’re both designed for you to fit in, not to stand out.

But you were born to stand out

As far as business masterminds go, you already know that the right one will shift things for you because it was created for YOU. It’s not a one-sized-fits-most container… it’s a customized chrysalis that provides a lush ecosystem of support for game changers like you.

So what do you do when...

It’s here. I made it for you. It’s the Sanctuary Business Mastermind.

A woman in a black top and jeans posing for a photo.

What to expect...

What you receive...

Curated by Application-Only Community

I personally read each application and select the humans who are a great fit for this business mastermind AND each other. Birds of a feather flock together and I’m happy to curate this small group of luminaries. Private Facebook Group for connection and coaching in between the weekly coaching calls.

Two-day Deep Dive Training

in New York City

Attend in person or virtually on September 5th and 6th, 2024. If you choose to attend live, please note that travel and hotel accommodations are NOT included in your 10k enrollment fee. You will be responsible for those separately.

55min Group Coaching Sessions

The weekly group coaching Zooms are 55 minutes with exact times scheduled to accommodate our global community. If one isn’t a great fit for you the other likely will be, and you can access the modules and replays all through your client portal (download the app!).

Partner Work Assignments

You don’t have to be a Coach to get coached regularly and in a 1:1 container in the Sanctuary Business Mastermind. You will receive 1:1 partner work assignments to make your transformations inevitable… and intimate. A rising tide raises all ships in the harbor. Your partner work assignments ensure the group glow up is real.

ALL Love-led humans who desire to grow and glow are welcome to apply to be a part of this Business Mastermind.

If you feel called, claim this now

Enrollment for Jan 2024 is SOLD OUT


If you choose to attend the September 5th and 6th Deep Dive intensive in person; your travel to and from NYC and any hotel accommodations you choose are your financial responsibility.

Travel and hotel accommodations are not included in the 10k Sanctuary Business Mastermind’s one-time enrollment fee.

Did you know..

90 days of boom starts january 11th inside the boom boom room