Pay In Full vs. Payment Plans | #27

Hot take: Serena recommends that service providers NOT take payment plans until they’ve cash collected $500K in their business. If you’re wondering “WHAT?!?!” – you’re not alone! This is a super touchy topic, so let’s dive in.

Payment plans often come from:

  • Scarcity and lack mindset
  • Colonizing, patriarchal, savior mindset (they NEED ME to do this FOR THEM)
  • People pleasing and fawning tendencies

Paying in full is in service to your clients and you BECAUSE:

  • YOU can show up most powerfully for your client
  • The CLIENT is getting the most powerful experience on their end
  • It builds trust in YOU and YOUR CLIENT about being ready and resourced

When you are in your Proper Pricing™, it’s then your responsibility to find clients who are ALIGNED with that Pay In Full price. Looking for people who can “make it work” or taking any and all possible clients (rather than your BEST FIT clients) is NOT in service to you and your business.

There are clients at EVERY price point. Pay In Full means YOU have to learn how to align with the ready and resourced clients, rather than chasing after people who aren’t ready for your offer with its Proper Pricing™.

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