Resentment vs. Guilt | #28

Proper Pricing™ is about YOU aligning and attracting the right fit clients who are ready and resourced to hire you.

It’s a win-win-win. Win for YOU getting paid your Proper Price. Good for THEM investing in their transformation. Good for EVERYONE around you for seeing what’s possible.

But something very common that happens is that service providers start to offer discounts, avoid marketing their offers, and end up feeling frustrated that they can’t sell. Because they aren’t aligned with Proper Pricing™. Deeper than that, because they’ve been trained to avoid GUILT in pricing.

Not everyone can afford you? Guilt.

People who knew you at your old price don’t want to pay your new price? Guilt.

Folks in the margins (aka BIPOC, aka women, aka queer and gender non-conforming humans) are REWARDED throughout life for choosing resentment over guilt. Because we (including Serena!) have been REWARDED for serving and saving everyone around us.

Where have you been CHOOSING resentment (in yourself) over guilt (for not being everything for everyone)?

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