Stop Being a Dick to Money | #7

Your relationship with money is a RELATIONSHIP. So if you’re expecting money to just show up and meet all your needs without being a good partner in return, you’re being a dick to money. You can’t say you LOOOOVE money and then SHAME some of the money the Universe is sending to support you!

Get the scoop on the following relationship problems you NEED to deal with in order to make your relationship with money right and stop being such a jerk to it.

  • You don’t appreciate it
  • You criticize it
  • You’re treating certain parts of it differently than others
  • You close yourself off to receiving it

AND get some amazing mindset exercises and prompts from Serena to help you reframe your relationship with money – RIGHT THE F NOW. Not next Saturday. Now.

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Money mindset is all about opening up to the abundance that wants to work with you. What they say is true: what you seek is seeking you too.

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