The Importance of Not Being Nice | #5

Check your phone voice, boo. When you’re talking about your business or your work in this world, do you raise the pitch of your voice up into the customer service register?

NO SHAME. But flipping into Nice Mode or “phone voice” is HURTING your biz.

We were socialized to put more importance on being polite and nice than actually saying the true, real thing that might be upsetting. This doesn’t mean you should go be a jerk on purpose, but this is your permission slip to stop trying so hard to be polite at all costs.

Because that niceness is often not in service to your client OR your business. It is your job as the coach or provider to be the EXPERT and show up in LEADERSHIP. It is not your job to please your client.

Saying THE THING, even when it feels rude or too much, CREATES trust. Find out exactly how and why in this episode.

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Curious about Serena’s pop culture references this episode?

Check out the music video for Bitch by Meredith Brooks on YouTube (indeed released in 1997).

Watch Project Runway, Season 7, Episode 4: “Design Your Heart Out” for free on Tubi. The scene Serena references with Tim Gunn and designer Seth Aaron Henderson is at the 18:22 mark.

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