The Invisible Living Energy of Money | #2

Do you treat money like a close friend? Do you appreciate it? Do you loooove on it?

Money is a living energy like creativity or LOVE, which you call into the seen, 3D world through ALIGNMENT (and appreciation). It wants to move to you and do great work THROUGH you, easily and always now.

But having a bunch of sticky, icky thoughts about it will roadblock you every time. Learn how to appreciate money and write it a sappy love letter in this quick episode all about the energetic power of money!

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Learn how to be magnetic with money

Money mindset is all about opening up to the abundance that wants to work with you. What they say is true: what you seek is seeking you too.

Are you ready to receive it? Come find out. 

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Hi! I’m Serena

I work with my clients in The Boom Boom Room where we make the Patriarchal programming about everyone competing over limited resources, like money,
go BOOM — as in bye byeeee!

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