The NEW Book of Spells | # 12

It’s the NEW Book of Spells! Serena’s first Book of Spells (aka intentional thoughts) made her, ohh, around $2 Million of HOLY WOW MONEY. Listen in to get the scoop on these life changing thoughts YOU can practice NOW and how to find the irrefutable proof of their truth as you integrate them.

These thoughts will help you connect with the FUTURE version of you who has ALREADY achieved what you are working for. They will help you align your energy with the YOU that you are becoming. And they will cultivate an incredible relationship with your own mindset around Holy Wow Money AND your biz AND your personal life AND exactly everything.

Don’t miss out on the Boom Boom Room, the space where we LIVE AND BREATHE these learnings every single day. Visit to join today.

Media Mentions in this episode:

The Cardone Zone: Grant Cardone Talks Business with Robert Herjavec – Power Players

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Learn how to be magnetic with money

Money mindset is all about opening up to the abundance that wants to work with you. What they say is true: what you seek is seeking you too.

Are you ready to receive it? Come find out. 

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Hi! I’m Serena

I work with my clients in The Boom Boom Room where we make the Patriarchal programming about everyone competing over limited resources, like money,
go BOOM — as in bye byeeee!

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