The Perfect Amount of Money | #22

What happens when you work on the belief that you have the perfect amount of money for yourself right now, at this moment? Bring all those prickly feelings and thoughts into this episode for a deep dive into this magical practice.

This is what it means that Holy Wow Money™ is NOT about the money.

It’s about wholeness, enoughness, seeking the truth that brings your attention and awareness to the luxurious levels of support available to you.

It makes sense that we default to a sense of LACK. Our healthy human brains are trained to notice danger and stay on high alert for changes to our environment that could be a threat. You’ll never eliminate lack mentality – BUT you can learn to NOTICE it and develop the ability to find your way back to supported, enough, whole.

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Learn how to be magnetic with money

Money mindset is all about opening up to the abundance that wants to work with you. What they say is true: what you seek is seeking you too.

Are you ready to receive it? Come find out. 

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I work with my clients in The Boom Boom Room where we make the Patriarchal programming about everyone competing over limited resources, like money,
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