The Sacred (BOSS) Requirement of Stewarding Holy Wow Money™ | #19

Making, having, stewarding Holy Wow Money™ is an inside job – it requires an unshakable identity and self-concept. This identity shift is a MUST to fully integrate your Holy Wow Money™ mindset instead of continuing the cycle of chasing money, burning out, rinse and repeat. 

You aren’t just making money. You’re making CHANGE. 

When you shift your self-concept and identity to CHANGEMAKER, DOOR OPENER, BRIGHT SHINY LIGHT, it’s about so much more than money. It’s about changing the idea of who money is FOR. Who gets to have, create, and steward it. (Hint: Not just the white patriarchy! It’s for you too, boo.) 

When mistakes happen, this IDENTITY shift means that you don’t think YOU are the problem. Mistakes happen. It’s inevitable. But YOU are not a mistake, ever. Especially not when you understand that YOU ARE A CHANGEMAKER. 

Listen in for real world examples and the pep talk of a LIFETIME. 

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