The Secret Sauce for Your Innate Worth | #16

What’s the secret to Serena’s success, coming from 6 figures in debt, bankruptcy, and no backup plan to the point of being a $2 Million PLUS cash collected coach teaching about Holy Wow Money™ all day every day? 

This mindset allows you to step fully into your power – your REAL power, not force/influence built on systems of oppression aka patriarchy – and see that it’s all MEANT. FOR. YOU. 

Three words: Radical loving responsibility. 

Healthy human brains are primed for FEAR to keep us SAFE of danger or pain. Being in radical loving responsibility means acting out of LOVE and presence with yourself rather than freezing out of fear of an unknown future (which leads to comparing and despairing, shaming and blaming).  

You can take action from LOVE. Taking radical loving responsibility for your results (business or otherwise) always brings it back to YOU. Everything is available FOR you. It’s all on you in the BEST way. (This is both the good news and the bad news). 

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PS. The Japanese art of restoring broken pottery with gold is called Kintsugi!

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