What Your DESIRE Is Trying to Tell You | #3

Have you always wanted to get paid to do the thing you love? That desire means it’s ALREADY HAPPENING in the invisible world and now you can bring it forward into the tangible 3D world.

It’s so easy to overlook this part of your money mindset, business growth, and more. And it’s a little mind blowing. But here it is: What you DESIRE has already chosen you. YES, even money. It’s about HOW, not IF.

Beliefs like “Nobody pays for that” or “Nobody can make a business doing XYZ” will block you from getting there. Your problems, and these limiting beliefs from your HEALTHY HUMAN BRAIN, are the portal to where you are going. Every obstacle is a sacred rite of passage, an opportunity to expand into the mindset and environment that makes your success obvious.

PS. DON’T DO IT ALONE! You deserve a lush ecosystem of support as you do this work and expand into the glorious space you rightly take up in this world. We are here to create MORE for EVERYONE. And being in community helps us all grow faster and supports our thriving.

To get in on a LUSH ECOSYSTEM OF SUPPORT, don’t miss out on the Boom Boom Room. You can sign up at SerenaHicks.com/Boom right the F now!

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Money mindset is all about opening up to the abundance that wants to work with you. What they say is true: what you seek is seeking you too.

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