You Aren’t Too Expensive | #21

I’d LOVE to hire you… but you’re too expensive.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Those people aren’t your people. It’s like going on a date with a person who says “Hey, I’m super into you, I just don’t like your makeup and you talk too much.” Umm… sounds like he’s not that into you, right? Same same.

This statement is an invitation from the universe to stand in your Proper Pricing™ and to remember that your people hire you for YOU.

Mic Drop Moments this Episode:

  • Stay out of people’s wallets – if you judge them as someone who “can’t afford” your services, you’re denying them the agency to make the decision and make it happen.
  • You have to be aligned energetically to RECEIVE – which means that folks who “can’t afford you” (aka choose not to prioritize hiring you) are actually NOT in a place where they could receive your work at a discount or on a payment plan, either.
  • We are all pawns – sometimes we will be disappointed or disappoint other people. This doesn’t mean things are wrong. It means it looks wrong to YOU. Not the same.

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