Your 90 Days of Boom | #30

This episode is a MUST for your money mindset, your business growth, your role in this universe as a money magnet – the latest piece of the Boom Boom Room that has come to clarity recently is a 90 day challenge that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Building your Holy Wow Money™ mindset is like brushing your teeth, in that if you miss a day of this work, it’s not a huge crisis. Hop back into the routine the next day and get back to building these habits with repetition and celebration.

These 90 days are supported by two key tools, and three core principles:

1. UNSHACKLE your Money Mindset by chiseling away at the beliefs at play in your mind that keep you from believing that more is available for you.

2. Establish PROPER PRICING™ to align your price and offer with the energy it takes to make this a WIN-WIN-WIN: for you, your client, and the world.

3. Step into your identity as a MONEY MAGNET to cultivate an ongoing practice of BELIEF and SELF-CONCEPT in partnership with the divine and the energy of money.

Joining the Boom Boom Room is $5,000 for six months – and many Boommates 2x, 5x, 10x, or more their investment after ONE conversation in this space. The shifts created in this room are game-changing, identity-changing, and world-changing. Win-win-win.

Your #90DaysOfBoom start whenever you decide they do. Visit

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Learn how to be magnetic with money

Money mindset is all about opening up to the abundance that wants to work with you. What they say is true: what you seek is seeking you too.

Are you ready to receive it? Come find out. 

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Hi! I’m Serena

I work with my clients in The Boom Boom Room where we make the Patriarchal programming about everyone competing over limited resources, like money,
go BOOM — as in bye byeeee!

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90 days of boom starts january 11th inside the boom boom room