You’re rad. You’re living. You’re waaaay better than just OK… but if you ever feel like you’re still maaaaybe (ok, totally…) dancing between you and the life that lives on the other side of a breakthrough…
I feel ya.

Been there. Done that.


But I’m grateful for each opportunity to learn. I’ve found ways to get through to the next level. LOTS. OF. WAYS.

Many are about white knuckling it, cracking the proverbial whip and otherwise pushing (read: bullying). Please don’t choose that route; it sucks and it’s so effective long term. Forcing is NOT actually a breakthrough to your next level… forcing is more like faking. #tobeavoided

Turns out, it’s not about cracking the whip… It’s about cracking the code. Getting you out of your own way, removing the proverbial road block, and then sashaying on down said proverbial road. It’s not logistically hard, but it’s always easy when flying solo.

Like every other Journey, the breakthrough process is more fun when you’re flying (or sashaying) with an intelligent guide who can read The Map (i.e. read your strengths, blind spots and land mines alike), navigate accordingly aaaand has a wicked sense of humor (because duh… laughter makes everything better).

All of that to say this: when you’re ready to Level Up…

When you’re ready (as you’ll ever be…) to make The Leap…

Command more (and demand less)…

Do less (and have More)…

I’m defining More as more peace, more joy, more funds, more freedom, more love love love and more power to support those people and causes that keep your heart beating…


Then HOOOORAAAAAYYYY! Making the decision to make the change is key. And then it’s about backing it up with inspired decisive action.


This is the ISH I. LIVE. FOR.

Because this whole Transformation thing… this whole We Live In A New Economy with possibilities that straight up didn’t exist even five years ago thing… this IS MY JAM.

I DORK OUT on this.

I LIVE to guide women (and myself) up to the New Next Level.

Again. And again. AND AGAIN.

I brag that I’m particularly great at using the tools I’ve earned (including my Warrior Goddess Training facilitator certification), my endless consumption of most everything Danielle LaPorte, Martha Beck, and Oprah have shared, and my Producer-brain to listen to you, L-I-S-T-E-N to what you say…  and what you don’t say… tune-in to what you chose to tell me… and what you choose not to… and otherwise put all of my Spidey-senses to work in service of your breakthrough.

Cause it’s still all about CRACKING THE CODE to get you unstuck… not the whip.

When you’re ready to navigate up to your Next Level as elegantly, joyfully and let’s be real… as quickly as possible, hire me.

— Serena


“Want to feel empowered? My pal Serena does the best confidence enhancing class. Werk.” — Stacy London


“If you want your life to stay the same, don’t work with Serena. However, if you have a goal that you want to accomplish and are READY to make that a priority in your life through your actions AND beliefs, work with Serena. She is an amazing blend of compassion and fire, and she will see straight through any BS that you sell yourself…and call you on it, with love. Expect change and expect it fast.”

Linda Katz – Wildly Feminine Life Coach 

MeganW“I highly recommend Serena to assist you on your journey. I quietly sobbed in my first session with Serena and that is not my usual game. The environment this woman fosters is the safest you will ever experience.  Finally, a big, bad, awesome opportunity to be honest with yourself.
Don’t get hung up on money/time/the usual reasons we tell ourselves we “can’t”. You are worth investing in. Work with her.”

Megan W. – Founder, Sr. Managing Exec at Artista Apparel, LLC