magnetic marketing, authentic social media and money mindset work

stop hiding.

show up.

change lives.

get paid.


The game has changed.

It’s almost too easy to hide in plain sight, then complain about business being MEH and feeling frustrated. It’s SCARY to authentically show up and share your work - and heart - with the world.

BUT IT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS. You playing small keeps you stuck - and keeps your soul mate clients - who are hungry (if not starving?) for YOUR product(s) or service(s) away from you. Nope. I’m not here for that. Let’s PLAY FULL OUT and get you connected with your ideal clients.


ALMOST effortlessly.


Social Media Marketing offers extraordinary opportunities for you to magnetize your ideal clients. Just one catch: YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP… authentically as YOU. A sanitized “nice nice” version of you and your product and/or services won’t do.

Your ideal clients are attracted to YOU and YOUR story.

This is where I come in.

Working with me, you’ll learn that AUTHENTICITY is MAGNETIC. You’ll ALSO learn to raise up your self-worth and thereby your net worth (you see how low self-worth is closely tied to too low a net worth yes?). I offer a mashup of MINDSET work + BIZ + SOCIAL STRATEGY with a focus on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (hello Instagram!) tools to CREATE the life you’ve been dreaming of. I don’t care where you’re starting from. It’s not too hard. It doesn’t take too long. It’s not magic. It’s magnetic marketing. And my heart is one fire to teach and share it with wholehearted Helpers. The world needs you doing YOUR WORK.

If you get that. If you FEEL the call to step up and level up and contribute is a big bold way, then BOOK A STRATEGY SESH CALL, gratis!, right NOW with me by clicking through right HERE.

What has fueled all business since the beginning of time is word of mouth… today… I think Instagram is… deserving of having created a whole new paradigm which is word of eye. And if what you say with your mouth to people… is powerful in terms of what they may do or how they may behave, think of what your word of eye may do for people if a picture truly is 1,000 words.”

— Danny Meyer, CEO Union Square Hospitality Group & Founder, Shake Shack

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“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

- Seth Godin