Having more money means so much more than fun for just you

It means others get to have more, too

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Hi! I’m Serena

I was mostly broke until I was 40 years old.

I filed for bankruptcy after a failed entrepreneurial adventure left me with around $40k of credit card debt. I couldn’t fathom getting out from under all the bills.


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Shortly after being pushed out (thanks y’all!) of a corporate job

While grieving the death of my older brother… While finding myself with very, very little money and a whole pile of bills…

I had an AHA moment.
I realized that money isn’t really about money.

I effectively woke up to a much more abundant (and factual) reality; the external world is only and always a reflection of our inner landscape.

What we desire is The Divine inviting us to co-create it.

We are meant to bring them to life.

This. Includes. Money.


More money WITHOUT more effort

Feeling confident and competent with your money

It puts more money into circulation for everyone else too.

If you've been conflicted about your desire for even more money... you're in the right place.

Before recognizing the living Energy of Money for what it is…

An unlimited living energy that desires to move to you (and me) and work through you (and me) in ever increasing amounts…

I was underpaid despite fancy titles and fancy companies (like Producer and MTV News). Secretly, I was ashamed of my credit card debt. And then, ashamed of my bankruptcy. Which I hid for years from even my closest friends and family because… shame.

When I woke up to facts — the energy of money being unlimited, and how the Patriarchal culture has socialized most humans to feel weird about money (at best) which mostly means feeling weird about inherent innate worthiness, visibility, and not apologizing for one’s power — et voila…

The shackles suddenly fell off. I was FREE.

Now I set others free, too. There’s no such thing as one way liberation.

Important Note

establishing a healthy Money Mindset is NOT a spectator sport.

It requires all of you. It requires Ego deaths. It requires a willingness to BE the change you wish to see in the world. It’s a FULL CONTACT, worthwhile endeavor, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

I love working with

Love-led leaders like you because YOU are changing the world

By offering your services and receiving fair pay, you are normalizing what isn’t just possible but required for a truly equitable world. Many people want to point fingers and talk about how Other People need to change.

I love love love working with my clients because each and every one is taking PERSONAL radical (and loving) responsibility for being a changemaker, a trail-blazer; someone who doesn’t wait for permission or The Crowd to find a way.

people who create new ways that serve the entire human collective

Not any one individual or system.

I love working with humans who know that demurring is not helpful, that healing their inherited ancestral (and experienced) traumas is healing and raising human consciousness, and that they are imperfect yet perfectly positioned to be a light in the world.

I work with my clients in The Boom Boom Room

Where we make the Patriarchal (read: scarcity) programming about everyone competing over limited resources, like money, go BOOM -as in bye-bye!

Trying to change the effects of your current Money Mindset is like trying to treat the symptoms of an easily cured illness.

It’s a cover up but not a holistic, healed solution.

Around here, addressing root causes not covering up symptoms. We’re into changing systems from the inside out by taking radical personal (and loving) responsibility for our place in this world.

My signature holistic money mindset and identity shifting program, The Boom Boom Room, offers 90 days of BOOM. We take you through four steps that treat the root CAUSE of any conflicts or confusion about your money making and having in just 90 days.

We don’t bypass feelings or facts. We don’t force. We tap into your innate power to create what you currently believe are your “dreams” financially and otherwise.

Here’s what you can expect

To love and trust yourself, life, and money on a whole new level

To relax into the realization that you will always have enough

To deeply enjoy (not just tolerate) receiving support #teamwork

And to see money making as a powerful form of activism that liberates both you and others too.

You’ll stop scurrying and worrying and hurrying through your days

Instead you'll find more financial peace, power and prosperity in your world.

You’ll go from feeling anxious to legit enjoying being one who pays ALL of your people well, has many a phat discretionary FUNd (not just an emergency fund).

A woman in a floral dress posing for a photo.

You will stop...

You’ll step into your new Era as A Money Magnet, complete with Proper Pricing™ for your services.

Hint: your Proper Pricing™ feels great to you and to those who hire you.

Here’s the part that sets it all into motion.

You decide that NOW is the time that you make this change.

You decline your Ego’s invitation to “wait” for “a better time” (that is always juuuust in the future… soon…) and you stop looking at the “cost” of the $5k USD Boom Boom Room investment and instead focus on the unlimited ROI and your ability to at least 2x it in your first 90 Days of BOOM with one powerful conversation and/or sale.  

Say yes to you

This is the part where you let the fear of change and transformation come with you as you say yes to you.

Did you know..

90 days of boom starts january 11th inside the boom boom room