Learning how to GET PAID (as your business grows and evolves) for work you LOVE (which may also evolve) is a skill. It's a skill you learn and live in The Boom Boom Room program.

This is good news

You’ve made plenty of money.

Not necessarily by doing work you love, but you “know” how to make money.

You don’t need more money. And yet… You worry about where it all has gone. Why don’t you “see” more of it? Why don’t you feel held and supported by it? By all means, you have been “successful”, yet you don’t feel as rich, abundant, or truly comfortable with all of your money matters as you’d like.

Sometimes you worry that it could all be taken away. You feel like the credit card debt is either out of control, or you recognize that your ridgid “no debt ever!” stance is a vote for “no more money is going to come to me” scarcity fueled thinking.

Serena provides you so many tools along the way that gets you better and faster

Niha Wunnava

Boom Boom Room Client

You know you’re meant for more

More money

More financial flow

More visibility

More peace

More prosperity

And you’ve tried all of the things. But you’re still not there yet. Not that you’d admit that publicly.

Privately, when it’s you and only you, you have this “what is the missing link?!” question that you’re constantly searching for. You’ve been seeking for a long time. It is time you find what you’ve been looking for.

In the Boom Boom Room you’ll find authentic connection to your most essential Self.

Not the Ego-version that causes the dramas and financial traumas but the wisest part of you who already knows her* inherent significance, worth and value in this world.

You’ll come home to yourself in a way that leaves you present, powerful and purposeful in your life and in your money making ways.

*To be clear: All humans are welcome. You’ll find female, male and non-binary Cool Kids in the Boom Boom Room with Serena Hicks.

You take your power back from a world that has long benefited from you delaying or denying your needs, your desires and your authority.

In the Boom Boom Room, you’ll find a curated community of fellow Love-led leaders who know that thriving is also paving a way for others. You’ll be in community with others who reject the cultural narratives about competition and instead choose collaboration, consent, compassion, and creativity to change the world.

You get instant access to the online client portal

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Where you’ll begin your 90 Days of Boom by starting with...

The training modules are concise and provide clear and simple directions.
You can’t do it wrong. You won’t be wasting time on busywork or ineffective work.

We get straight to the source: You.

after joining to boom boom room, I felt like I had more permission

Dr. Yashika Dooley

Boom Boom Room Client

You'll also receive...

NEW Magnetic Marketing that Makes Money Module

Learn the strategies, logistics and ENERGY of organic Magnetic Marketing

Weekly live group coaching call

90-minute live group coaching call on Zoom so you can have direct access to Serena's mentorship

NEW 100 Magnetic Marketing PROMPTS

Don't know what to say in your marketing? These prompts are here so you never say “I’m not sure what to say” ever again

Private podcast

Private podcast of your entire client portal for those who prefer audio access for your learning

Call replay vault

Call replay vault to easily access recent and prior live group coaching Zooms

Private curated Facebook group

With an active community that celebrates your progress and normalizes big money magnetism aaaaaall day every day

You might be thinking
“I don’t have time for this”

The Hurry & Worry (and Scurry around putting out fires instead of stopping to ask how and why do these fires keep popping up?!) is a popular pattern for my clients before they join The Boom Boom Room.

A woman in a green dress sitting on a chair.

Much like meditation;

if you believe you don’t have time for it, I offer that you don’t have time to NOT make time for it..

Chasing after the effects instead of “pausing” to prioritize the primary cause of the situation (hint: it’s you Boo) won’t solve a thing. Your current money situation and all that you see in this 3D world of reality emanate from what you have been contributing to the equation… we can’t change other people or things because we can’t control them… the only thing you can “control” i.e. be in charge of… Is YOU and that is why we focus on that in The Boom Boom Room. That is why this ish works.

Or maybe you’re thinking,
“It sounds fun, but I don’t need this.”

Then it’s the best time to join The Boom Boom Room.

Taking action and making changes before the pain of current circumstances insist on changes allows one to steer from desire instead of necessity. It’s a game changer. You know you are called for more because you were meant for more. Your desires are sacred. Your desires are beacons of light calling you forward into new ways. You are the only one who can answer The Call.

A woman wearing a red furry jacket and jeans.


Sarah Stokes

Boom Boom Room Client

Did you know..

90 days of boom starts january 11th inside the boom boom room