Holy Wow Money™️ with Serena Hicks


This is the podcast where you’ll learn how to have, make, and steward Holy Wow Money™ for doing the sacred work you love. This podcast talks openly about money, how to grow and scale your business, how to connect with your next soul mate clients, Proper Pricing™, and more.

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give generously

How to GIVE Generously to Your Clients | #32

Holy Wow Money™ isn’t an amount, or a destination, or a finish line – it’s…

intentional thoughts

84 Intentional Thoughts (AKA Spells) for Holy Wow Money™ | #31

We think between 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, most of which are unconscious. You…

investing in biz vs self

Your 90 Days of Boom | #30

This episode is a MUST for your money mindset, your business growth, your role in…

suzanne culberg

I’m Not Here to F*ck Spiders with Suzanne Culberg | #29

First things first: part one of this conversation is on Suzanne Culberg’s podcast The Nope…

resentment - guilt

Resentment vs. Guilt | #28

Proper Pricing™ is about YOU aligning and attracting the right fit clients who are ready…

pay in full

Pay In Full vs. Payment Plans | #27

Hot take: Serena recommends that service providers NOT take payment plans until they’ve cash collected…

unfiltered QA

Unfiltered Q&A: African STAR Retreat at Londolozi | #26

This week in the Boom Boom Room, Serena asked for ALL the questions about her…

your 90 days of boom room

Investing in Biz vs. Investing in SELF | #25

Have you ever been curious about what Serena spends her money on? Are you looking…

money magic

Holy Wow Money™ Magic: Intention, Attention, No Tension | #24

Finding money is about finding the ways it is already available to you. In this…

innate power

Your Innate Power to Co-Create Your Desires | #23

Hot take: You are in PARTNERSHIP with the DIVINE. How much do you believe that?…

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90 days of boom starts january 11th inside the boom boom room