I work with two types

of Love-led, accomplished
and ambitious humans

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Those who are ready to get right with money


Financially you’re fine, but you know you are meant for even more. You know you’re meant for even more financial flow, and you’ve tried everything but haven’t found your groove until now. Join the Boom Boom Room with Serena Hicks to specifically expand your Money Mindset, establish your Proper Pricing™ as an Entrepreneur, Executive, and/or Artist and step into your true identity as a money magnet.

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For those who upgrade at every opportunity

The Sanctuary Business Mastermind

You love a good deep dive. You’re here to Master your Money Mindset and indeed to take your place on the world’s stage. This Mastermind is about mastering both the practical and the profound ways that you thrive. Enrollment opens every six months, is by application only, and is limited to 25 Love-led humans.